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Do you hear a strange noise when you step on the brakes? Do your brakes squeal when the roads are wet? Does your brake pedal travel too close to the floor, or is your stopping power not as great as it once was? Does your brake line have a slow leak? Are you adding brake fluid all the time? When you have a problem with your brakes, you cannot afford to wait, and when you bring your car, truck or SUV to TRUE Automotive, you do not have to. We understand how serious your brake problem is, and we are always here to help you stay safer behind the wheel with brake repair.

Detecting Leaks in Your Brake Line

It is not always easy to detect small leaks in your brake line, and it can take some time for those tiny leaks to become apparent. Unfortunately, losing even a small amount of brake fluid from the reservoir could be enough to reduce your stopping power, so finding those small problems is very important.

If you suspect that your brake line has sprung a leak, it is time to have your vehicle checked out. When you bring your car, truck or SUV to TRUE Automotive, we will inspect the entire braking system, from the brake line to the drums or discs. If we find a problem, we will let you know what needs brake repair. If everything is fine, we will send you on your way with confidence.

Is Your Brake Lining Worn?

Whether your vehicle has drum brakes, disc brakes or a combination of the two, your brake lining plays a vital role in your safety and your stopping power. Worn brake lining puts your safety at risk, so it is important to watch out for the warning signs.

All you need to detect worn brake lining is your own two ears. As the brake lining wears down, it creates a telltale sound, one you will be able to hear when you step on the pedal. If you hear a strange noise when you brake, it is time to bring your vehicle to TRUE Automotive. We will check your brake lining, let you know if it needs to be replaced and make the necessary repairs right away.

When you lose your stopping power, nothing else matters. Without your brakes, your safety is compromised and everyone on the road is at risk. So do not wait for a problem with your brakes – bring your vehicle to TRUE Automotive in Woodstock, GA, for the safety check you need, so you can hit the road with confidence and be safe no matter where your travels take you.